MOSS Pendant Lamp by Kyuhyung Cho

Moss lamp was inspired by the long stem of the moss and the shade of the Moss mushroom. As the shape of stem bends toward on the direction of the sun light, the hinge structure with thin and long pipes enables various shapes by different angles.

Overall, smooth curves and straight lines are harmoniously contrasted, and the thin lines and the disk-shaped hinge structures create visually delightful scene. The angle of the shade is the same as that of the pole connecting the shade when all three hinges were folded to the max, and the parallel completes the perfect details.

Moss lamps are composed of floor, table, and pendant lamp. The floor lamp is very practical in that it is structured for dual usage. You can use it as a general floor lamp by standing it up straight, and you can also use it as a table lamp by just folding a hinge. The brightness can be adjusted by the dimmer.

Size  ø.480 h.120

Shade  Powder-coated, Chrome

Lightsource  6w, 630lm (max.)