LOW-HILL Table (S) by Kyuhyung Cho

Long ago, mankind used natural objects like naturally created stones as chairs and tables. Although nature does not have a perfect plane, people have naturally sat and put things on it. Low-hill table took imperfect flatness from nature instead of perfect flatness by man-made and broke the stereotype about flatness of table.

The surface of table top has only gentle curves without a single plane. Thanks to the feature, the whole polished round table top reflects and distorts lights. Although it is not perfectly flat and the edge is curved, things do not get slipped. Low-hill table fits well with other furniture of mete with refined curves.

Low-hill table has large and small sizes. You can use two of them separately, or use the height difference to create a set. The table legs are matt black, and the table tops are available in 5 colors; high glossed powder coated black, white, gray, pale pink, and burgundy.

Size  w.500 d.500 h.420

Tabletop  High Gloss Coated

Leg  Powder-coated